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Sunday, July 25, 2010 !@#$% 10:53 PM

Im actually studying!
Life's really bored recently.
Somehow I found out that studying is more interesting compared to gaming. ;p
But trust me, this thinking of mine wouldn't last long.
Seriously, it wouldn't last long. ;p

Off to sleep! I am freakin' tired now.
Went out since this morning and just came back at 9.
Performance of Dong's friends were really good.

ただ  のあなたがとてもしそうなで ,
なかった んだ 。
をくれたのあなたへ ,  このままてくれないか ,
そう  にとってしき「」 。

(Bath Room by the GazettE)

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010 !@#$% 1:36 PM

How're you guys doing? (:
Sorry for not updating my blog frequently.
But there's not much people who visits my blog either. (:

She's the second woman that I shed my tears for, including my mum, whom I loved the most.
Told myself not to cry for her anymore.
I will hold my tears, and stop it from wetting my cheeks.

Stay strong and invincible please, Guan Ming.
Grow up, please.

どうしようもなく悲しい時に ,
零れる涙のような 偽る事の無い詩を 。
言葉にならない程嬉しい時に ,
笑顔のような 詩が歌えたら …

(枯詩 by the GazettE)

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010 !@#$% 2:25 PM

Exam's over.
Made a little mistake.
Let's hope those mistakes wouldn't affect much.
Ahhhh. Distinction please. ;O

Anyway thanks people for all the wishes and blesses. <3
Love y'all.

えたりたい ,
らせて 。
まりめく ,
してえる 。

(Obscure by Dir en Grey)

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010 !@#$% 9:15 PM

Alright, my blog is so damn dead.
Couldn't find the time to blog, as I was very busy.
LOL just jk.
How could Yap Guan Ming ever get busy with his life?

Tomorrow is the big day, I'm nervous.
I've no idea why, compared to last year.
Maybe probably this year I'm taking 8th grade, so much more pressure were put on me.
Plus I received Excellent Achiever Award last year, so I've put high hopes on myself this year.
I want to get an extra certificate this year, too. ;O
Actually everything's fine now, just that I'm afraid that I would make careless mistakes because of anxiety.

Oh shit, I'm praying hard.
Bless me please, whatever God that exists. ;D
Good luck, Yap Guan Ming.

Hey God ! Are you ready ?
歪みを上げて 。
Hey God ! Are you ready ?
響かせてくtonight 。
Hey God ! Are you ready ?
どうにでもしてくれ 。
Hey God ! Are you ready ?
狂い出して夜に[DO LUCK]よりも甘い ,
Fuck’n rollぶち込んでくれ 。

(SILLY GOD DISCO by the GazettE)

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Thursday, July 8, 2010 !@#$% 1:57 PM

Let's cook Paul for dinner.

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Sunday, July 4, 2010 !@#$% 12:54 AM

Just watched the match between Germany and Argentina.
Not much people supported the Germans, but I'm one of them.
After watching their game against England, they are definitely a great team to support.
And today, it is proven that they are awesome, by trashing Argentina 4-nil.
Germany FTW. <3

All this while I'm lying to myself. I'm still missing her.

愛なき愛へと , 壊れた世界飛び回ってく ,
あいにく空は , 雨 ...
大切な羽を , 失って気付いた ,
自由に飛べぬこと , 君は 。
雨にまみれ , 深い夜に消えた 。

(Ageha by MUCC)

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010 !@#$% 2:27 PM

It's already the last day of June.
Time passes really fast.
Didn't know that I'm already studying form 4 for 6 months.
What did I learned throughout this half year?
Well, I don't really know either.

But I've surely felt that I grew up, at least a little.
Comparing with the past me in my reminiscence, I've really grew.
At least I don't act as childishly as last time, or stubborn.
I've learned not to be arrogant, not to be an attention-seeker.
I was one of those who think that I'm so great, I'm on top of the world.
In fact, I'm not.
And I believe that no one in the world is.
Everyone has their pros and cons, and this is undeniable.
Someone who's not good looking or least attracting, might have a better attitude and personality compared to you.

I've always hated those who look down on others, and criticize others.
Well, you might not know that the one you'd insulted, might have a brighter life compared to yours in the future.
This is because those who'd been criticized or looked down, will learn to stand up and fight, will learn from his mistakes, to prove that he's not a failure.
On the other hand, those who'd always only criticizes people, will not ever try to improve himself. They thought that they were so good, that they have the qualifications to judge people.
Sooner or later, they will not succeed in their life as well.

So, to people out there, who have their own dream, be sure to chase after it.
Go and pursue your dream, no matter how people talked behind you, disrespect you, never give up.
Prove them wrong, even though you might not be as successful as you hoped for, but you will still be enjoying it, simply that's because it is your dream.

I have one friend who'd faced these circumstances, and this post mostly is about him.
He is one of my friends which I respected the most, his determination is incomparable.
He's still fighting for his dream, and I'll surely support him, no matter what.

Time through the rain has set me free ,
Sands of time will keep your memory 。
Love everlasting fades away ,
Alive within your beatless heart 。
Dry your tears with love ,
Dry your tears with love 。

(Tears by X Japan)

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